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George Oliver heads home after a tragic accident in White House to reunite with family in Arizona.

With the help of the White House community, 87-year-old George Oliver headed recently back to Arizona to live with family after being released from a local rehab center.

Oliver was involved in a fatal crash Aug. 6 on Hwy. 31 that claimed the life of his 63-year-old son, Mike. When it was learned that he was a homeless combat veteran,  several local organizations responded to the need and stepped up to help find a rehab facility, clothing and necessities during his hospitalization, recovery and relocation near other family.

Operation Stand Down arranged for transportation to Arizona for Oliver once he was released from Creekside Rehabilitation Center. They sent someone to travel with him and someone to meet them in Arizona to bring him to his new home. Officer Joel Brisson, one of the first at the accident scene, has been involved and supportive of Oliver this entire time and escorted him to the airport for his journey. 

The White House American Legion also stepped up to connect Mr. Oliver with the services available to him while in White House. Commander Carl Fairbanks and Elain Cronister came to the rehab center to see Oliver off. 

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